Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mem Fox's Birthday

Mem Fox is 63 today! She's got a couple great bedtime-type stories and since it is National Sleep Awareness Week, I guess I'll feature those!

Fox, Mem.
Where the Giant Sleeps.


Harcourt, Inc.

It's bedtime in Fairyland... and Mem Fox takes youngsters on an adventure as she allows readers imaginations to run wild. The book starts out with a child just about to enter dreamland. The gouache illustrations by Vladimar Radunsky have readers looking into the distance, beyond the clouds to see where each fairy character sleeps. This will easily become a favorite bedtime story!

Fox, Mem.
Time for Bed.
Harcourt, Inc.

In this sweet "good-night" story, mothers of all kinds are wishing their young'uns sweet dreams as they settle in for a night's rest. The rhyming text will certainly appeal to children and the different ways in which these mothers lull their children to sleep, allows a variety of bedtime routines that could be adapted with children as they say goodnight.
It's time for bed, little calf, little calf, What happened today that made
you laugh?

It's time for bed, little foal, little foal, I'll whisper a secret but
don't tell a soul.

It's time for bed, little fish, little fish, So hold your breath and make a

All of these and a whole handful more provide one last chance for a moment of precious interaction between parent and child before going to bed each night!

Mem Fox Lesson Plans:

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style='clear: both;' Amanda said...

Mem Fox has an adorable new one, Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes... it's absolutely wonderful. One of the best out there at the moment for baby gifts I think!

style='clear: both;' The Book Chook said...

Happy Birthday, Mem! I love her writing. Ten Little Fingers is a new favourite with me, too.