Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'd Like to Eat a Pie... a Raspberry Pie...

Today is Patricia MacLachlan's 71st Birthday. I've always been familiar with her because of her novel, Sarah, Plain and Tall. However, she has many different works, and I'm going to review a couple of those for today.

MacLachlan, Patricia and Charest, Emily MacLachlan.
Once I Ate a Pie.

Joanna Cotler Books.

Patricia MacLachlan and her daughter, Emily MacLachlan Charest use poetry to depict the lives of dogs. Each poem centers around one or more dogs, describing a day in their life. The painted illustrations by Katy Sneider depict the dogs decribed in each poem and were based on poses take of these dogs. This book is creatively put together and will easily draw young children to poetry!

MacLachlan, Patricia.
More Perfect Than The Moon.
Joanna Cotler Books.

In a sequel to MacLachlan's Newbury Medal winner, Cassie, Sarah's young daughter struggles with bitter emotions upon learning she's going to be a big sister. She fears for her mother, afraid something will go wrong and that she will lose her mother just as her half-siblings, Anna and Caleb, lost their mother when she gave birth to Caleb.

This was another wonderful work by MacLachlan and I'm so glad she she wrote this sequel... for some reason, I love reading books in a series.

Other Books in the Series:
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