Friday, March 6, 2009

Whooping Crane Spring Migration!

With the temperatures warming to near 60 degrees here in NY, I'm certainly feeling as though spring is finally on the horizon! And since typically between the dates of March 1 and May 7, the endangered whooping crane species will leave its over-wintering refuges for its summer nesting grounds, I have a couple of Whooping Crane reviews for today!

Goodman, Susan E.
Saving the Whooping Crane.
Lerner Publishing Group, Inc.

This non-fiction text is a wonderful read! It goes into great detail the steps that scientists took to introduce a second fleet of Whooping Cranes to the wild. From wearing whooping crane puppets on their arms to the placement of leg bands on each bird before their first trip, the first journey of this fleet of whooping cranes is recorded as they leave Neccedah, Wisconsin and migrate south to Florida for the winter and then return back to the place where they had first learned to fly - Neccedah, Wisconsin. The story truly was unbelievable to read! Any child who is interested in birds will love this non-fiction account of the whooping crane migration!

Spinelli, Eileen.
Song for the Whooping Crane.
Eerdmans Books for Young Readers.

While Spinelli takes a slightly different approach - a fictional text about the whooping crane, this story is no less powerful and touches on the importance of saving the whooping crane from extinction.

Watercolor illustrations, coupled with the rhyming, poetic like text, readers become familiar with the idea of the whooping crane migration - moving south during the long, cold winter months in search of the warmer, more conducive southern temperatures and weather. The illustrations are gorgeous and truly support the text. This would certainly hold the attention of children when learning about whooping cranes, migration or both!

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