Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to School Reads, Day 3: Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten?

A great read-aloud for children entering Kindergarten and their nervous parents!

Vernick, Audrey.
Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten?
June 2010.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

As one buffalo prepares himself for kindergarten, children will take delight in knowing they aren't the only one with a case of the kindergarten jitters! This antsy buffalo is worried about virtually everything - from the scissors to recess, it seems as though this little one has at least one worry that can relate to everyone!

This is a wonderful new book to for parents and future-kindergarteners to share together, as it has a calming effect that will appeal to nervous children and parents. Not only is the book easy to relate to, it continually shares one very important idea - Everyone's special in his or her own way. This message is relayed in many ways, while at the same time, sharing words of advice that are important for children entering school for the first time!

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