Friday, August 6, 2010

Back to School Reads, Day 6: One Smart Cookie: Bite-Size Lessons for the School Years and Beyond

Teach children a thing or two about vocabulary related to school and ethics!

Rosenthal, Amy Krouse.
One Smart Cookie: Bite-Size Lessons for the School Years and Beyond.
June 2010.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

Morsels of wisdom are coupled with interesting new vocabulary words for children, as one little girl shares with readers bits and pieces of what they'll need to know in order to be a successful contributor of "Smart Cookies" at the bake sale.

Publishers Weekly stated it perfectly,A deliciously charming collection of defined and illustrated vocabulary words that serve as gentle guides to etiquette.The book reminds me so much of something that would be passed along from your grandma - with illustrations that make me think of those old Norman Rockwell calendars I've seen. I absolutely love this book! And when you add in the recipe for "One Smart Cookie" at the back - well, I'm sold... I'll definitely be trying these out!

Learning/Reading Activity:
  • Using the recipe at back of the book, create a batch of "One Smart Cookie." Each time you pass along one of these cookies to your child in his/her lunch box (and on the first day of school) attach a few vocabulary term with each. Carefully select a term on your own that provide your child with the encouragement they need to start out a successful school year. For example, perhaps the words, "support," "friendship," "proud" will do perfectly! Or there's any number of others that would serve just as well to offer your child the encouragement he/she needs and deserves!

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style='clear: both;' Erin said...

I recently posted about this book!
I love it, and the activity idea is perfect! Thanks! This is a really informative blog!