Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to School Reads, Day 4: First Grade Jitters

First Grade Jitters validates the importance of those jitters your little one might be experiencing!

Quackenbush, Robert.
First Grade Jitters.
June 2010.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

Little Aiden has a case of the first grade jitters. He wonders if his friends will be there... if he'll be able to understand his teacher... if he'll have to know how to read and do arithmetic. As Aiden nears the first day of 1st grade, his jitters continue to mount, until he finally catches up with his friends from kindergarten. Together, his three friends help Aiden overcome his jitters and actually become excited about the prospect of 1st grade!

This is a wonderful book to share with your child, especially if he/she is experiencing a case of jitters about entering 1st (or any) grade, really! It validates the feelings your child may be experiencing and at the same time, allows your child to see that it's okay to feel a bit nervous. I thought it was greatly important that Quackenbush mentions to children that of course they aren't expected to know everything, that's what their teacher is there for - to help them learn! Children will love the almost-graphic like appearance of the illustrations and the length of the story is perfect! Definitely a great back-to-school choice!

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