Monday, August 16, 2010

Discover the World Series by Sleeping Bear Press

New to me is Sleeping Bear Press' Discover the World series!

From the town where the Titanic was built in Ireland to the Great Wall of China, exploring the world is a great way to learn and have fun! Just choose a country alphabet book from Sleeping Bear Press and its history and culture, food and crafts are a click away. And don't forget to check out the amazing poetry and artwork in the books too.

"Sleeping Bear Press Discover the World titles are the juvenile versions of the very best and most colorful adult travel guides."

-- Dr. Jerry Flack, PhD

It's really true... the series is all that... and more! The books appear to be wonderfully educational (keep in mind, I've only reviewed a few of these) and can be used with children of all ages, simply by using your judgement as to what is appropriate to share with your child(ren) - the short, simple poems that give a brief understanding of the focus of each letter presented, or the more detailed explanation, full of informative material that also compliments each letter presented!

I could see myself using these books as "travel guides," as suggested by Dr. Jerry Flack! However, in the meantime, since my wallet doesn't allow, I'll simply share one of the titles in the series with you! At the bottom of this post, you can also find a complete listing of all the titles in the Discover the World series!

Kiehm, Eve Begley.
B is for Bagpipes: A Scotland Alphabet.
February 2010.
Sleeping Bear Press.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

Readers travel on an adventure through Scotland in B is for Bagpipes: A Scotland Alphabet. Along the way, they will quickly discover that Scotland is a small country with many islands along its coastline. Chances are they'll recognize symbols of Scotland (even if they previously didn't connect these items with Scotland), such as bagpipes, kilts, and even the Loch Ness Monster! Children will be surprised to learn that golf was invented in Scotland and that the oatmeal they eat for breakfast is known as porridge in Scotland!

Full of information, children will delight in being able to share all of this newly discovered "trivia" with their friends and family! Coupled with the illustrations, the age of the children will help you decide which text to use - the simplistic poems or the more detailed paragraphs that coincide with the focus of each letter being presented!

Learning/Reading Activities:
  • Check out the Teacher's Guide, provided courtesy of Sleeping Bear Press. It is complete with 17 pages of activities to use with children! My personal favorite is found on page 5, "I'm Proud of My Clan," in which children are reminded that "In Scotland a clan is another name for an extended family. Everyone with the same last name is in some way related. Are you related to everyone who has your same last name? The Scots design symbols that stand for their family. Think about the things that could stand for your family. What makes your family proud? Design a crest to represent your clan and their interests."
  • Also be sure to check out the Discover the World: Scotland homepage, complete with recipes, information about: "if you go," currencies, expressions, weather, holidays, activities and games, and other links!
Other Titles in the Discover the World series:

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