Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blog Readers... I Need Your Help!!!

Over the course of the past year, you have seen daily themed reviews, all of which center around one piece of information from that day in history.

After much consideration, I’ve decided that next year’s (2010) highlight will be “52 Weeks of Themes.” I want to have you, my readers, actively involved – telling me what you want to see, so that my blog becomes of essence and help when you are planning your own curriculums.

I have come up with a list of 82 possible themes to feature and now, I’m asking my readers to take a look over the list and then drop me an e-mail, or comment on this post telling me which themes you’d like to see… they don’t need to be the ones I’ve listed – if you’ve got something else in mind, please, please, please let me know!

  1. Hats
  2. Snowmen
  3. Penguins
  4. Pumpkins
  5. Leaves
  6. Apples
  7. Scarecrow
  8. Baseball
  9. Football
  10. Farms
  11. Zoo
  12. Snow
  13. Animals in Winter
  14. Mittens
  15. Valentine’s Day
  16. Flowers and Plants
  17. Rain
  18. Teddy Bears
  19. Beach
  20. Ice Cream
  21. Flip-Flops
  22. Camping
  23. Picnic
  24. There Was an Old Lady
  25. Animal Habitats
  26. Days of the Week
  27. Native Americans
  28. Thanksgiving
  29. Pilgrims
  30. Halloween
  31. Ghosts
  32. Weather
  33. Our Bodies
  34. Jan Brett
  35. 5 Senses
  36. Gingerbread
  37. Family
  38. Months of the Year
  39. Alphabet
  40. Ladybugs
  41. Life Cycles
  42. Space
  43. Shadows
  44. Geometry
  45. Patterns
  46. Money
  47. Time
  48. Punctuation
  49. Writing Letters
  50. Tangrams
  51. Christmas Around the World
  52. Counting
  53. Babies
  54. Animal Babies
  55. Authors (you tell me who)
  56. Mapping
  57. Colonial Times
  58. American Girl
  59. Nursery Rhymes
  60. Rainbows
  61. Colors
  62. Poetry
  63. Homophones
  64. Insects
  65. Literary Devices
  66. Ants
  67. Butterflies
  68. Pasta and Pizza
  69. Quilts
  70. Amish
  71. Clothes
  72. Water
  73. Food
  74. Dr. Seuss
  75. Watermelon
  76. Fossils
  77. Pirates
  78. Polar Bears
  79. Pond Life
  80. Seashells
  81. Fairy Tales
  82. States (you tell me which)
I want to make the blog as reader-friendly as possible and in order to do that, I need your input! It might be easiest to download this file, open it in word, and highlight the themes you want to see. List any others that I might not have suggested that you’re interested in and then e-mail me ( the file… whatever works for you, works for me! Remember, I'm trying to do this for your benefit, so please get involved!


style='clear: both;' Susan said...

I love the themes. Fun, fun idea. Truthfully, I would be interested in almost all of them, but I especially like the more unusual themes like "flip flops" and "shadows." How 'bout an adoption theme? Sorry, that's all I've got :(

style='clear: both;' Ladybug said...


style='clear: both;' Corey Schwartz said...

My son is obsessed with cars and trucks!

style='clear: both;' Bookworm said...

THANK YOU! You are so wonderful!!!!

Here's my list:
Our Bodies
Writing Letters


We are studying states in this order:
South Carolina, North Carolina,
Alabama, Mississippi and Tennesee. After that we will "travel" west or north-not sure yet.

For Grammar, I'd be interested in the above as well as nouns, verbs, adjectives and so on.

Sciences; Human Anatomy and Chemistry this fall. Winter and Spring we'll study rocks, minerals and fossils as well as physical sciences (magnets, etc.)

Truly, I'm interested in all that you sahre. You do a fabulous job and share such refreshing titles. THANK YOU! for all you do! You're so NICE! I apprecaite you!