Thursday, August 13, 2009

National Underwear Day

A day for all Americans to show pride in their undergarments, National Underwear Day was celebrated on August 5. However, is celebrating throughout the entire month of August! Underwear doesn't get the recognition it deserves, and considering the amount of time people spend picking out those undies each morning, they should be able to show them off a little bit more.
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National Underwear Day

Parr, Todd.
Underwear Do's and Dont's.
Little, Brown and Company.

Summary from Barnes & Noble:

"What should you do with your underwear? DO go shopping for underwear with a hippo -- DON'T let her try it on." This is just one piece of advice from Todd Parr's new book, Underwear Do’s and Don’ts. As the title suggests, humor abounds in these words of undie wisdom. Filled with bold illustration and a zany set of rules, this book will incite giggles and smiles from its young readers.

Kids will likely get a chuckle out of this book! The advise is crazy, but it makes for good reading. One activity to do after reading, is have kids come up an underwear "do" and underwear "don't" of their own!

Monsell, Mary Elise.
Albert Whitman & Company.
Guided Reading Level: K

Summary from Barnes & Noble:

Bismark the Buffalo is grumpy and unlovable until his friends teach him how to laugh and show him that wearing colorful underwear can be great fun.

This is a great underwear-themed story that would be great for a read aloud. However, other than use as a read aloud, I didn't find much of an educational use for the book! I think kids will find it funny though!

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style='clear: both;' Susan said...

Hi Katie - I just found your blog and am really enjoying it. Just wanted to say that my kids' favorite underwear book is Arthur's Underwear by Marc Brown. It's also their favorite ARTHUR episode. There's just something about underwear that they find amusing :)