Wednesday, August 19, 2009

National Aviation Day

Presidential Proclamation 2343, of July 25, 1939, covers all succeeding years. Always August 19 of each year since 1939. Observed annually on anniversary of birth of Orville Wright, who piloted "first self-powered flight in history" on December 17, 1903. First proclaimed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
-The Teacher's Calendar, 2008-2009

Hubbell, Patricia.
Airplanes: Soaring! Diving! Turning!.
Marshall Cavendish Children.

Summary from Barnes & Noble:

Planes, planes, planes, in the big wide sky! Cargo planes, jumbo jets, propeller planes, rotor planes, hydroplanes, military planes, and many others dive, buzz, and turn as they fly across the sky.

This book is 100% perfect for the airplane-loving child! Not only does it detail different types of planes, it shows various purposes for airplanes! I could also see using this book to teach adjectives, as there are many descriptor words that make it perfect for such a lesson!
Little planes take short, quick hops,
or dust a farmer's growing crops.
Propeller planes.
Rotor Planes.
Single-and four-motor planes.
Munsch, Robert.
Angela's Airplane.
Annick Press Ltd.
Guided Reading Level: I

Summary from Barnes & Noble:

While looking for her lost father at the airport, Angela ends up in the front of the plane. She decides to push just one button, and then another ... and another ...

In true Munsch fashion, Angela sets forth on adventure bigger than she could ever begin to imagine - taking her young self on an airplane ride! Kids will surely love this story and will likely be dreaming of flying a plane of their own! If you're a Robert Munsch fan, this book won't disappoint you, and even better... brand-new copies are available at for just $1.50!

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style='clear: both;' Bookworm said...

No way! We just took a field trip to our local airport with our homeschool group yesterday! I didnt know the very next day was going to be National Aviation Day! Thank you Katie! And thanks for the book suggestions!