Wednesday, August 26, 2009

National Dog Day

More people have dogs for pets than any other animal in the country. Why? Because they are loving and loyal companions. They treat us better than we treat each other. Here is one day to recognize and honor them for their love, loyalty and lifesaving skills. National Dog Day is held annually on August 26.
-The Teacher's Calendar, 2008-2009

Beaumont, Karen.
Doggone Dogs!
October 2008.
Penguin Group (USA).

Summary from Barnes & Noble:

No sooner are these ten doggone dogs out the front door than they're into a hilarious antic misadventure: disrupting the prim pups at the Perfect Pooch Obedience School, raining chaos on the playground, and—oops!—making one, two, three, four, ten stinky doggie poops. But when our loveable pups get nabbed by the Super Duper Pooper Scooper Pet Patrol?

Oh, will kids ever love this one! The rhyming text makes it super fun... along with the storyline of ten dogs who escape and get in to heaps of trouble trying to take care of business! The book is great because while kids are chuckling about the dogs, they're likely not to realize that they're learning basic counting principles, counting up to ten and then back down! This should definitely find a home in your library... and if not a home, how about fostering a library copy for a bit?!

Johnston, Lynn.
Farley Follows His Nose.
April 2009.
HarperCollins Publishers.

Summary from Barnes & Noble:

Good-natured and ever-hungry, Farley goes wherever his nose leads him. But as one delicious smell follows another, soon Farley is meeting new friends and exploring parts of town he's never seen before. Just how far has he wandered? Will he find a familiar smell to lead him back home?

This book would make for a funny read-aloud - kids will love watching as Farley takes off sprinting at all the different things he smells. I also think this book would be great to use when teaching children about their sense of smell... so many of the things Farley smelled were things that we'd enjoy the scent of too!

Baek, Matthew.
Be Gentle with the Dog, Dear!
May 2008.
Penguin Group (USA).

Summary from Barnes & Noble:

Baby Elisa loves Tag, the family dog. She loves to squeeze him, and pull his tail, and tackle him. Tag loves Elisa too—especially when she's sleeping. Elisa's parents tell her, "You must be gentle with the dog, dear." But this is easier said than done. What's a good dog to do?

This simple story would be perfect for teaching very young children about the importance of being gentle with the dog and respecting the dog for who he is. The text is very simple, making it appropriate for young children as far as their ability to understand the story. If you've got a child at home who's having a hard time respecting the dog, this book is for you!

Dodd, Emma.
I Don't Want a Posh Dog.
June 2009.
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

Summary from Barnes & Noble:

While posh puppies may be all the rage, there's nothing better than a silly, sweet dog that you can call your very own. In this charming picture book, one little girl sets off in search of her perfect pup. Along the way she meets dogs of every shape and size, but ultimately, she knows when she's found the one that's just right for her. This heartwarming story celebrates in a playful and humorous way the special bond we share with our beloved canine companions.

This is a cute book that I think kids will find funny. It'd make for a fun read-aloud while at the same time be very appropriate for practicing rhyming words with children! It might make for a great introduction to different types of dogs if you're planning on adding to the family anytime soon... talk with the kids about what they want a dog for... To play? To walk? To show-off? Just what kind of dog is your family looking for?

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