Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bedtime Without Arthur

The bedtime nightmares of children (and parents)...

Meserve, Jessica.
Bedtime Without Arthur.
March 2010.
Lerner Publishing Group.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

Little Bella has a bedtime buddy she has come to depend on - a special bear called Arthur.
He is as brave as a knight.
He is as strong as ten elephants.
And he does karate.
As readers can only imagine, Arthur has likely been Bella's bedtime security item since she was a baby - protecting her from the evil nighttime monsters that children fear. However, one night, Arthur turns up missing, and in what seems a disaster to both Bella and her parents, it turn out to be a growing-up experience for Bella in the end - as she comes to realize her baby brother, Finley is in need of the services previously offered to Bella from Arthur. Bella quickly comes to realize that Finley needs Arthur more than she does - and quickly returns him to Finley with the reassuring words,
"Don't be scared, Finley. Arthur will look after you."
This would make a really cute bedtime story for your little ones and their security items! The book might even prove to be a look back in time for parents, as they remember their own security item! I know it got me thinking about "Carrie," a doll given to me from my grandmother on the day my twin brothers were born. Even today, 26-and a half years later, Carrie still holds a special place in my heart and rests on my bed daily! There was once a day when Carrie went missing when I was still very young, being left behind at my parent's business, a thirty to forty minute drive from our home. Do you suppose I would stop crying and go to sleep without her? Poor dad had to drive back to the shop and pick her up so that I would settle down and go to bed. Ever since, we've been extra careful to make sure she travels at the same time we do!

Care to share a memory of your security item?

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