Monday, June 14, 2010

Lily's Victory Garden

Children connect to WWII when learning about how one young girl decides to become a part of war efforts in her own community.

Wilbur, Helen L.
Lily's Victory Garden.
April 2010.

Sleeping Bear Press.

Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

Wilbur tells a moving story about a young girl who is willing to take chances and do all that she can to be a part of the war effort during WWII. Lily, a young girl, spends time with her older brother Jack, collecting tin to help with war production during WWII while Jack delivers the newpapers. During their collection walks, Jack shares with Lily his knowledge about the war and one family in particular - the Bishops, who happen to be the first family in their town to lose a son (a soldier) in the war. As war efforts continue in their town, Lily learns another way in which she could possibly contribute and takes to waiting in line for a plot in the community garden. When Lily is denied space due to her age, she goes to extreme measures to make sure she plants a victory garden of her own somewhere. While she meets many challenges, Lily's persistence pays off as she does grow her own victory garden - and make a new friend in the process!

I'll leave you with one final thought... my thoughts about the Tales of Young Americans Series (Yes, that's me, quoted on the back cover of Lily's Victory Garden)!

Learning/Reading Activities:
  • Check out the Teaching Guide provided courtesy of Sleeping Bear Press! There are lots of wonderful activities inside.

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