Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Wish for You

A wonderful graduation, baby gift or shower gift for new moms (and dads)!

Novak, Matt.
A Wish for You.
March 2010.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

Parents share with the children the delight they (likely) experienced with the arrival of their first child's birth. Starting out as one (individuals who have not yet even met), progressing to their meeting and marriage, children will likely delight in seeing how their parents came to be. After taking some time to be "two," the parents realize what they are missing, an addition to their family. Readers follow along as the parents prepare for the first child's arrival and the joys that come following that special day.

I would almost deem this book appropriate mostly as a shower gift for mom's and dad's awaiting the arrival of their first-born child. The sweet story, coupled with the rhyming, lyrical text is very appealing and readers will delight in sharing this story over and over again. As the first-born child ages, this would make for a perfect introduction to open a discussion about the family - how parents met and their lives together before children entered the picture. I could also see this book being used as a graduation gift. The title, A Wish for You, easily allows parents the opportunity to share with a graduating child important memories of the past, as well as wishes for the new future and the new beginning that arrives on graduation day. On the very last page, there is even enough room for parents to write (or share) a special poem about a graduation wish for their first-born child.

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