Monday, June 7, 2010

The Bubble

A life's lesson, useful to all!

McClure, Brian.
The Bubble.
January 2006.
Universal Flag Publishing.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

A little boy is sick of his things - he no longer wants to play with them. As he goes to sleep one night and settles into a dream, he learns a deeper message than he ever could have dreamed of... watching himself age over time from the little boy that he is to the old man he'll become, who dies alone, after having shut the world out and making his life all about his possessions, rather than including people in the mix. The little boy wakes up just as he is about to die an old man, all alone, with no friends and no possessions that are of any worth to him. Upon his awakening, the little boy suddenly has a different outlook on life and is more appreciative of what he has and is eager to share and join in with people.

This story is wonderfully written in a unique way that will appeal to almost everyone. It sends a powerful message that is easy to walk away with. However, I worry about sharing this book with younger children, as I fear the way that the "death" is portrayed may frighten them. However, that being said, I think the book is very much appropriate for children ages 8+, up to adults and the elderly, especially those need just a gentle reminder that life isn't about what you have, but rather about the quality of the relationships and items you do hold.

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