Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pierre the Penguin: A True Story

A wonderful addition to my letter of the week, "Pp Week" studies!

Marzollo, Jean.
Pierre the Penguin: A True Story.
June 1, 2010.
Sleeping Bear Press.
Review copy provided courtesy of publisher.

Based entirely on the true story of Pierre the Penguin, an African penguin living at the California Academy of Sciences, Pierre the Penguin: A True Story introduces children to the extreme measures some scientists will go to in order to care for the animals they love so much! At age 25, Pierre began losing the waterproof feathers that protect him against cold water temperatures. It was obvious that something had to be done, and Pam, the scientist who worked with the penguins, took it upon herself to come with a plan of action. When heat lamps and medication failed to provide the help Pierre needed, Pam remembered about the watersuits that help humans keep warm in cold water temperatures and decided to enlist the help of others to create such a suit for Pierre. Pierre the Penguin: A True Story follows Pam and Pierre as they embark on the incredible journey that ended with miraculous results!

How could anyone not love (and be inspired by) this incredible story?!

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