Thursday, October 1, 2009

Banned Book #7: In the Night Kitchen

Sendak, Maurice.
In the Night Kitchen.
Harper & Row, Publishers.

Summary from Barnes & Noble:

The story of Mickey's nighttime adventure in the baker's kitchen is "a highly original dream fantasy (with) deliciously playful illustrations (and a) chantable, easily remembered text.

Reason(s) for Banning:
My Thoughts:
  • Due to the nudity, I wouldn't be able to use this book in a classroom... The nudity though, is somewhat discreet... nothing that a child wouldn't expect... it's not drawn 100% anatomically correct, and there is a chance that children wouldn't even pick up on it.
  • I personally didn't find any offensive language in the book... if you did, please enlighten me!
Again, as a read aloud in your own home, I see no reason as to why this book shouldn't be available for checking out from a public library. Like I mentioned previously, parents are the ones that are ultimately responsible for checking out what their kids are reading... if they are approving the books, they'll have the final say as to whether or not this one makes it to their child's TBR pile! It does make for a cute bedtime story, but short of that, I see no real educational purpose to it... however, not all books need to be educational in content... reading for fun is just as important!

Your Job - Share your thoughts on the following topics on this post!
  • Should the book be on the banned book list?
  • Is it okay to be found on a library or book store shelf?
  • How would you share this book with your child/children?
  • If you are not familiar with the book, based on my post and the discussion of others, would you consider allowing your child to read/be read this book? Why? Why not?
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