Thursday, October 22, 2009

School Bus Safety Week

This week is set aside to focus attention on school bus safety - from the standpoint of the bus drivers, students and the motoring public. Annually, the third full week of October (October 18-23, 2009), starting on Sunday. For more information, visit:
National Association for Pupil Transportation.
-The Teacher's Calendar, 2008-2009

Pulver, Robin.
Axle Annie and the Speed Grump.
Dial Books for Young Readers.
Source: Borrowed copy from local library

Summary from Barnes & Noble:

Axle Annie, Burskyville's best, most beloved school bus driver, has a big problem, and that problem has a name: Rush Hotfoot. Rush is an absolute menace -- always in both a hurry and a bad mood, driving full blast down the street. He even ignores the bus's stop-sign arm! But if anybody can tame the speed grump, Annie can. With hilarious illustrations and tons of kid-appeal, this companion to the original Axle Annie is sure to make readers giggle and cheer for the kind of superhero they might see every day.

So... I'm thinking this book is probably more appropriate for parents as far as "bus safety" is concerned! While kids will definitely enjoy the somewhat rhyming text and funny story, parents are the real ones learning a lesson here - to be cautious of school buses and to obey the rules in their presence! It's definitely a great book to put out on display in the library throughout the school-year in an effort to be sure children who ride the bus are safe when boarding and departing! The book would also be appropriate for bus safety week, because it could be used as a springboard for a discussion about bus safety rules for children after discussing bus safety for adults!

Crews, Donald.
School Bus.
Greenwillow Books.
Source: Borrowed from local library

Summary from Barnes & Noble:

Follows the progress of school buses as they take children to school and bring them home again.

This book would be perfect for first year school children who will be riding the bus for the first time. It's doesn't make mention of any bus safety rules, but it would make for a perfect introduction to youngsters about riding the bus. From there, you could easily use this book to discuss bus safety!

Bus Safety Games:
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