Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moose and Magpie

Migration seems to be a topic that many children are quite interested in... perhaps it's their desire to migrate to warmer weather come winter (like me)??? In any case, I think you'll find they'll enjoy this book!

Restrepo, Bettina.
Moose and Magpie.
June 2009.
Sylvan Dell Publishing.

Summary from Barnes & Noble:

It isn't always easy being a moose but this young moose has a special, joke-telling friend to keep him company and to help him find his way. Join Moose, Magpie and some of their other animal friends as they frolic through a year of changes. Learn what the Liberty Bell and moose have in common or why moose cross the road. Laugh along with Moose and Magpie, and learn something while you are at it. The For Creative Minds educational section includes: Is it for real?, Moose and birds, What do moose eat?, Match the moose body part to its adaptation, Moose life cycle, Moose antlers, and Moose fun facts.

This book is a great book to have in the classroom! It's funny (hence, the jokes told throughout) and it's educational! Children will be learning about the life and migration of the moose. There are informational tidbits found on each page that make a cute story very educational!
Some moose swim up to five miles during migration.
From my experience, children seem to absorb information like this quicker than the best paper towels absorb water... that's what makes this book so special!

Activities to Use in Collaboration with this book:
  • Science - Life Cycle - Page 10 and 11 of the Teaching Activities booklet provided by Sylvan Dell is a sequencing activity about the life cycle of the moose.
  • Math - Measuring - Page 26 of the Teaching Activities booklet provided by Sylvan Dell is Measuring activity focusing on comparing and contrasting the size of animals.
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