Friday, September 25, 2009

First American Newspaper Published - 1690

On September 25, 1690, the first (and only) edition of Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestick was published by Benjamin Harris, at the London-Coffee-House, Boston, MA. Authorities considered this the first newspaper published in the US offensive and ordered immediate suppression.
-The Teacher's Calendar, 2008-2009

I thought today, in remembrance of this first newspaper publishing, we'd take a look at a few books related to the topic!

Gibbons, Gail.
Deadline! From News to Newspaper.
HarperCollins Publishers.
Guided Reading Level: N

Summary from Barnes & Noble:

Examines the diverse behind-the-scenes activities of a typical working day at a small daily newspaper, from morning preparations for meeting the deadline to the moment the afternoon papers leave the presses.

This book is a wonderful source of information about the printing business. Children will quickly learn all there is to know about how a newspaper comes to fruition. Along the journey, they will discover the importance of time management as well as all the different rolls that involve people working together to get a job done. Cooperation is a big theme in this book!

Pilkey, Dav.
The Paperboy.
Orchard Books.
Guided Reading Level: J

Summary from Barnes & Noble:

A paperboy and his dog enjoy the quiet of the early morning as they go about their rounds.

I was a "paperboy" once... and let me just say that I know exactly how the paperboy feels as he must drag himself from the comforts of a warm bed to get out and deliver those early morning papers. I think what children will enjoy more than the anything here are the paintings enclosed within, for they may not be able to make a connection to the text. However, it is a wonderful book. I could see it being introduced to students during a career week when different career choices are examined!

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