Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School Here in NY

Today is the first day of school for many children here in Central New York. I recently received a book that will likely be helpful to many school children as they embark on their first days in a new school and I felt this would be the perfect time to share it with you all!

Blabey, Aaron.
Sunday Chutney.
Boyds Mills Press.

Summary from Boyds Mills Press:

The new girl at school has a glamorous life. What more could she want? Sunday Chutney is not your ordinary, everyday girl. She has lived everywhere. The only problem is, this means she is always the new girl at school and she never really has a place to call home. But Sunday doesn't mind, not really. After all, she doesn't care what people think, she loves her own company, she has heaps of imaginary friends, so many important interests that keep her very busy... and traveling is so glamorous. What more could Sunday Chutney want?

Here, you have a little girl struggling to find herself in such a big world! She manages all right! Very little is more difficult for a child than settling into a new school (I've been there, I know)! However, Sunday does this... many times. Yet, somehow she always manages to look on the bright side. This book is perfect for children who, for whatever reason, face moving and attending a new school. They will quickly learn that as difficult as it may be, they will survive and come out on top! I think it's a very inspirational book for children!

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style='clear: both;' Kristen howe said...

I love the title of the book. Sounds like it could be a winner for your kids going to school. Good blog.